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An Interview with a Sex Worker’s boyfriend

PP Interview With SW Boyfriend

This audio video is a radio interview with a guy whose girlfriend does sex work. He shares about their relationship and what happened the moment she told him that she was a sex worker. The interview includes both him and her. The couple also put together an informational vine on dating a sex worker.  It is located under the  web articles section.

Source:  The Audio video excerpt courtesy of Joy 94.9.  The full radio episode was originally aired onJoy 94.9’s The Vixen Hour titled “For the Love of Hookers- Sex Work & Relationships” located here.


Most of the video below are resources put together by Scarlett Alliance,  Australian Sex Workers Association.  They are the national peak sex worker organisation working towards improved sex worker rights.

Every Ho I know Says So

Every Ho I know Say So 1“A direct message sex workers want to give to our lovers: “We hope that this video is useful to you in your journey to becoming a sex worker-positive and supportive lover and person in the community. By continuing to work on your attitudes about our work and educating yourself, you are showing us that you care. We love you!” Excerpt and video – YouTube Scarlett Alliance.

 The Secret Sex Lives of Australian Men: I’m Married To  A Sex Worker

I married a sex worker 1

Paul met Melanie through an online forum. They had a great connection straight away and quickly decided to have a relationship, even though Paul knew Melanie was a sex worker. Paul finds that Melanie’s job does not infringe on their love life. They have a healthy sex life and relationship. Paul understand the difference between her work with clients and the love and intimacy they share. Information and video – YouTube Scarlett Alliance.

Statistic: 50% of sex workers are married or in a de facto relationship.
—- IBIS World Australian Sex Industry Survey, 2004

Coming Out as a Sex Worker- For Sex Workers and our Families

Coming out as a Sex Worker 1

Our families and our partners can go hand in hand.  Sex workers share what we want our loved ones to know about us and our work.

Video – YouTube Scarlett Alliance.

I Dated a Hooker

I dated a Hooker 1

A job and who you are, are two different things. The photos are from Jeff Fisher’s book giving people some insight to everyday dating and sex workers. The video moves quickly. It is worth pausing and reading the outline of his thoughts on each outing he had.

Those doing sex work are everyday people. Often you will know someone but not their job. Be respectful and educate yourself on the industry. Always be mindful when you talk about the industry. You never know, someone who matters to you,  just may be a part of it.