Scarlett Academy gathers hard to find information written from the perspective of a sex worker’s partner. The articles are either written by or are via an interview with the partners of sex workers. These items provide the partner’s viewpointcouple web articles of dating and sex work.

From all over the world, these articles provide a  good and varied perspective that is often hidden from view.

How to date a Sex Worker
This article has been widely referred to as one of the most used and useful articles by a partner. The Australian couple were interviewed on Joy 94.3fm’s  The Vixen Hour. Originally in hardcopy, thanks go to Christian Vega for ensuring it is accessible through his blog. The interview with the boyfriend “An interview with a sex worker’s boyfriend” is located under Partners and Sex Work Videos.

Interview with a Partner of a Sex Worker

This is a Netherlands Interview. The article reveals the relationship in detail. The partner shares what it was like at the beginning, worries that he had and how his perceptive on the industry and workers have changed.

My Girlfriend is a Sex Worker

This is an American article. Sex Work is criminalised in most of the United States. He shares about the worries he has due to the laws and gives some great tips from someone who knows what dating a sex worker is like.

My Girlfriend is a Escort

This is a blog a partner wrote sharing his personal experiences. There is no sugar coating, just his thoughts and experiences as they happened. The blog gives in sight to being in a relationship with a sex worker. There are many reasons people do this work. Sometimes, it can make the job harder when you have a partner. This blog really gets to the heart of the emotions and day by day challenges for both people.

The Story of a Regular Guy

This is another blog from a partner or as he describes it, “the story of a regular guy that ended up dating a prostitute and was surprised to find it wasn’t so bad.”

Loving a Sex Worker:  Letter From Austin

This is an advice article. The partner has just found out his girlfriend is working and doesn’t know how to proceed. Here, he has reached out to Antonia Crane for some advice. The piece reveals his situation and questions including her advice.

A short Story of a Male Same Sex Relationship

This is a short overview of a male sex workers experience of working and having a long term relationship.

42, Married and a Sex Worker

This is a sex worker’s short story. It has been added in as an example that there are many couples who are married and happy regardless of the chosen career.

I’m a Sex Worker, and Dating Is an Awkward, Daily Negotiation

This article gives insight from the sex worker’s side which she shares in detail. Its a good read to gain insight about the challenges of dating  from the sex workers point of view.

7 Ways to Handle Being in Love with a Sex Worker

My Counselling Service Australia wrote this article to help couples where one partner was in the Sex Industry. If you are based in Australia or Internationally, My Counselling Service  has experience with sex industry relationships and can provide a non-judgemental space for you to talk freely, whether on the phone, via skype or in person.