Dating and Sex Work

Relationships can be challenging. When you date a person who does sex work, it can come with its extra set of challenges. Mainly due to that people do not understand what the industry or the job is about. This lack of knowledge can make learning and understanding what your partner does even harder.

There are usually many questions, but readily available answers can be hard to find. When questions are put up on a forum, the answers are others who have no experience or knowledge of working or dating someone doing sex work.

This is where Scarlett Academy comes in. We provide help and support that is hard to find elsewhere. We have articles, videos; Q &A is all gathered together for you. We also have access to a current partner who can provide you with personalised advice.

Where To Start

Communication is always crucial to any relationship. 

If you think your partner is a sex worker but they haven’t mentioned it, they may be worried about your reaction. It is a stigmatised job. If it is just a job to you, then encourage a safe environment of acceptance. This can help them open up.

If you are not sure how you feel, further online reading on healthy conversations is advised before approaching the subject.

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