Holly from KittyKorner  is our local guest contributor. She has a frank, straightforward approach on sex work, with a splash of her well-known KittyKorner humor. From wondering which field you want to work in to what can go on in a full service booking under decriminalisation laws, Holly is the  guide to have.

kitty korner 250x139Holly is down to earth and passionate about her career and helping others. With her natural warmth and honesty, she’ll put you at ease, while candidly stating just what to expect. She is a great teacher who clears away the myths and assumptions leaving you with the clarity to make well-informed decisions.

With her kind permission we have a selection of videos from her complete YouTube range.

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What is it like in a booking

whats it like in a booking KK upload

Every booking is as different as are the reasons clients visit. Although sex is common, there are no absolutes and time can be spend sexually, non sexually or both. If sex is involved it may also be called a full service booking. If you are thinking about doing sex work, its good to know what may happen in a full service booking and how to have healthy boundaries. Holly opens the door and gives you a guided tour from start to finish.

so you want to be a Sex Worker

So you want to be a whore KK

Before you decide to try sex work, join Holly for a coffee while she discusses needed skills, questions to consider, important factors to be aware of and so much more.

One important point she shares is that it is sink or swim training. Make sure  you read and seek advice for in a booking you won’t have an instructor looking over your shoulder. We do suggest the ‘do and review’ approach. Afterwards talk a sex worker you are comfortable, with in person or online, to ensure you learn correctly. Holly gives you information you need to make a decision only you can make.

working in a brothel

So you want to work in a brothel KK upload1

Join Holly as she talks us through an all access tour of working in a legalised brothel. She welcomes you in as she shares some home truths from her own experiences  mixed with that KittyKorner humor we love.

From inside the rooms, to behind the scenes you will have a good idea of what may transpire before you start.

WORKING As an Escort

So you want to be a private escort KK 1

If you are setting up your business doing escort or private work there are some important need to know facts.

Even the first step when choosing a name comes with some important considerations. Holly shares all the tips and tricks that can make a big difference in setting up your business effectively. The website builder she has used is here but have a look around on what is suitable for you.

Holly also shares some practical tips if you are a sex worker planning to change careers. Go to  Changing Careers as she gives you the 101 to start the transition.