Knowledge is Everywhere

When you choose to work in the sex industry whether it is street based, brothel, escort or other, it is important to have some basic knowledge of your chosen job. There are important non-sexual skills, and knowledge you should have before you start.

 Although training may be hard to come by, we want to ensure you get as much help and advice as possible.Sex Ed Manuals If you do not know the dos and don’ts or have healthy boundaries, it can affect the way you experience the work. Please take the time to have a read through. Educating yourself on any job is important. Sex work is no different.

Finding the right information can be hard therefore below are links to manuals that cover many different areas of the sex industry. They have been created by organisations from different countries across the global and gathered here for your convenience. You should find most information can be universally adapted.

If you come across a manual online, have written one or have one that is shared in your community, please contact us.

Please note: As our collection of manuals are from various countries, some manuals may address local laws or legislation. Please ensure you refer to your country’s laws or talk to your local sex worker organisation,

Click on the Headings above each description  to open the links.


This is an Australian manual. It beginning with a glossary of terms and covering all aspects of working from booking the job to storage and handling of waste. This is a great guide for all workers. It is practical, easy to read and both an educational tool for the novice while being a reminder of good work practices to those who have worked before or are working. The role of Local government and government in the enforcement of OHS standards is explained. The responsibility of management is covered in the context of general OHS legal principles. For workers this should be like a bible.  This document lays Sex Industry OHS best practices out bare.This is an Australian document shared through Scarlett Alliance.

 SEX WORKtoolkit

This s an excellent resource manual developed by the BC Coalition of Experiential Communities to support health and safety in the sex industry. This site also address community concerns and youth sexual exploitation in a respectful manner. This is a Canadian website.


This manual focuses on street based and Escort work but does mention bordellos. This focuses on minimising potentially dangerous or violent situations. It also offers advice on what to do if attacked. NHS Lothian and SCOT-PEP collaborated on this manual. This is also under health and safety.


The UK Network of Sex Work Projects (UK NSWP) This booklet has been written for women, men and transgender people working in the UK sex industry. It contains information and advice about personal safety. The advice and tips can be transferred to other sex workers as well. This is also under health and safety.

Trade Secrets Guide

The Canadian group BC Coalition of Experiential Communities (BCCEC) put this comprehensive guide together. This guide was envisioned and created by sex industry workers covering a range of different job roles, who are invested in the concept of self-governance. This is a foundational document wherein Canadian workers shared their invaluable lived experiences, which were amalgamated  into best practices within the industry.

Male Sex Work

This manual was created by HOOK , a US project by and for men in the sex industry in partnership with Harm Reduction Coalition. The manual covers marketing yourself, tips for during a session, street based work, and other information. Hook has further resources here.

The Internet Escort Handbook 

This is a website give you safe, sane options to becoming an online escort. It has a blog and books with great information. The link will take you to their disclaimer page first.

Becoming a Cam Girl with O Camgirl

Information on webcam work is hard to find and its important to do your research before you start. O Camgirl is a no nonsense online guide to Webcam Modeling. If you're interested in Cam work, this is the resource site to know and have those questions answered.


Although Scarlett Academy has yet to find a manual for male webcam work we found a 2016 BBC documentary on UK webcam boys. Its a good look at behind the scenes at the how and whys. You can watch it on Youtube or watch and download it at Webshare. Otherwise refer to O Camgirl for all advice that is transferable.

swopNSW Resource Manuals List

This links to SWOP NSW in Australia. There are a whole range of manual here. Also in Korean, Chinese and Thai. The manuals cover a range of subjects including Sex work, online activism & self care, legal factsheets, occupational health and safety, business security and more. The laws are based on the Australian legal system.


This manual by The International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe  (ICRSE) aims to provide individual sex workers and sex worker collectives with the knowledge, skills, and capacity needed to effectively engage in advocacy for sex workers’ right to health at the local, national and international level. This training manual is specifically designed for sex workers and sex worker-led organisations eager to engage in advocacy and activism on issues related to sex work, HIV and human rights.


This manual covers over branching matters in the sex industry. Its is an New Zealand guide to occupational health and safety in the sex industry. It is a heavier read but it does cover important points of sex worker health, including condoms and pregnancy, workplace amenities, sex toy upkeep and psychological factors. Please note, the legal sections are based on New Zealand Laws.


This manual focuses on indoor sex work. It was compiled by people from the European INDOORS project. It covers the organising of indoor sex work, needs of sex workers and address issues of violence and isolation that can come from indoor sex work. Please note, the legal sections are based on Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and Bulgaria Laws.

Manuals for Migrant Sex Workers

The link with take you to the website of the European Network for HIV/STD Prevention and health promotion among migrant sex workers (TAMPEP). There are various manuals on working safe, skills and training, prevention and hygiene and more. The TAMPEP project is based across 25 countries in Europe.

Know your rights for the sex worker community: Criminal Law

This manual was a project of the San Francisco Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild  As cited from the website, this manual is designed for sex worker community members and their advocates to provide a set of basic, current, and locally-specific legal information about how certain areas of criminal law uniquely affect sex workers. It includes many aspects of interactions with police officers. This is based on US Law.

Know Your Rights Manual for the Transgender Community: Criminal Law

This manual is from the same group as above. They are the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is a non-profit membership organization of plaintiff's lawyers, law students and legal workers dedicated to ending police abuse  It focuses on transgender community.  We suggest having a look at the other manuals at their website here. This is based on US Law.


Knowledge and training can make all the difference to one's experience in the sex industry. Below are a few curriculum's that can help in planning your next workshop.


This is a one day workshop by the Litner Centre, which KESWA assisted in creating. It covers international and national human rights law as well as how they work with justice system and in healthcare. The national law need to be amended between countries. The human rights declaration can be found here.


This link goes to the road to good health website.  It was created by the World Bank  which required HIV educations for certain projects which included the community. You will find the manual on the right side in sections. Section five covers sex workers.  This is a detailed tool for organisations, groups who are wanting to hold a workshop. It covers the basics, addressing myths, stereotypes, and prejudice and gender equality and human rights all based around HIV reduction.The curricula use interactive participatory approaches known to be effective in training including games, simulations, discussion and role-plays.  through step by step training.



This manual was put together for the Victorian police force in Australia by the Office of Police Integrity, Victoria. Its aim is for successfully policing the sex industry by maintaining a high level of ethical and professional practice while enforcing relevant laws. As a best practice guide, it gives a self check list for the person to do to ensure they uphold the law and minimise corruption, misconduct or human rights violations by the police force.

IRELAND - Sex Industry and Tax

A factsheet from Ireland Revenue that advises sex workers from Ireland of their tax obligations and entitlements

Sex work tips Posters

 The International Sex Worker Foundation for Art, Culture and Education (ISWFACE)  has put together with sex workers, some fun downloadable posters on subjects including sex worker burnout, condom use, Sex work myths, signs that its a undercover cop and more.

Healthcare Provider Manuals for Male Sex workers

This manual is for healthcare providers who help male sex workers in South Africa. It was a collaboration by Health4Men,Anova Health Institute and USAID.


This manual is for healthcare providers who help sex workers in South Africa. It was a collaboration by many organisations.

2017 Media Guide for Sex Work- A Toolkit for Ethical, Responsible Reporting

We ask editors, writers, art directors, and reporters to avoid perpetuating negative connotations and humiliation within our diverse profession. Consider this toolkit your resource guide to writing more justly about sex workers and the trade itself.



"Communications professionals often reproduce and aggravate bias and misconceptions about our work and us, and are far from helping build a comprehensive understanding that takes into account our own voices and capacity to decide about our lives.

This is why RedTraSex considers it necessary to produce this "Guide for Journalistic Approaches to Sex Work and Sex Workers" in which we invite all readers to join us in unpacking journalist practices around sex work issues.

This is to deconstruct them and work towards forms of communication that are better in sync with the reality experienced by women sex workers, from an inclusive perspective that respects our human rights." - Page 2.

A Guide to Respectful Reporting and Writing on Sex Work

Journalists and researchers writing about sex workers doing long-lasting damage to their sources when they treat sex work as an area of exception to their journalistic ethics. The South African press—like its international counterparts—are often guilty of misrepresenting sex workers and sex work.  The majority of articles on sex work are sensationalistic in nature and emphasise salaciousness and lewdness over the more mundane aspects of sex work.

The writers of this article work for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in South Africa that advocate for sex worker rights, and specifically the decriminalisation of sex work.