If you are a sex worker or wanting to leave sex work, Scarlett Academy is here to give you as many tools as we, as an industry,  can to help keep you informed no matter where you are in the sex industry. Doing sex work is like having a business. There is information you need, skills (nonsexual) that are important to have, and it is not for everyone. You will find in this section, information and help from all over the world, that has been brought together to support your decisions and help you work safer in the sex industry.


Scarlett Academy and Sex Work

Scarlett Academy supports all people’s rights, as a whole. Therefore in the Adult Industry, we aim to help those who choose a career in the industry and those who wish to leave. We also stand against sexual exploitation within the industry. Regardless of your situation, we are here to ensure you have resources to help you be as safe as possible.

If this industry is a first choice career for you, whether you are starting or are seasoned in the industry you will find information to help you in your career. If you have something to contribute please contact us or if you just want to say hi, why not leave a comment in Our Lounge.

Working in the Adult Industry is NOT for Everyone

There is an immense difference between choosing a career in the Adult Industry as a first choice and choosing to work in the industry as a last choice due to circumstance.

If you are thinking of working because you need quick cash or in a desperate situation, a job as a sex worker may not to work for you. You may end up in an unsafe situation, or take up unsafe practices. Like other jobs, there are needed nonsexual skills that apply. If these aren’t applied in the job, if you don’t understand your rights or the transaction, you may be taken advantage of or worse.

If this is you, please listen to the below video from our guest contributor, Erika Jones. She has been there and shares her experiences including what she did to change her situation during that period.

Erika Dont survival hoe 1

Get in contact with people you know or organisations in your area that may be able to provide help and support or other avenues. We do realise that sometimes the last choice is the only choice you have available. It is best you know as much as you can before entering the industry to  maximise your safety in the work place.

Most of all, if you have starting this work and found it is not for you, then make this work just a stepping stone on your path to the future of your choosing. Take time and plan what you need to do or achieve so that you will be in a position in the future to change careers to your first choice. Click here for a link to help develop your plan.


Working in the Industry

Further advice from Erika can be found in Erika’s Tutorials and from Holly from KittyKorner in Behind the Curtain. These videos are intended for people who choose sex work in the Adult Industry as a first choice or are already in the industry. You can also talk to sex workers on Reddit which has a sex workers and sex workers only area for questions and advice.

You will also find information on:

NB: We have some manual/links for webcam work and there is information on here that can help anyone regardless of their sector in the industry but we are always looking for more. We do encourage others who work in strip clubs, web cam, porn and other areas of the Adult Industry to contact us with information or links that can help support and improve the experience of others in these fields.