Erika Jones from Ebony Bodyworks is our international guest contributor to give advice and tips for working in the Adult Industry. She is well versed as an escort and sensual massage provider. She also writes, blogs, does podcasts and maintains a YouTube channel. When taking a break from the industry she also authored ‘Achieving The Ultimate Orgasm 101’.

Erika Jones Fun 250x250Erika is a vibrate woman full of life who is not afraid to tell it as it is. She has her own unique style as she brings you into her life and shares from her own experiences.

With her kind permission we have a selection of videos from her complete YouTube range, to ensure you have the basics. You can find more advice and tips from Erika at her  YouTube channel below.

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People may choose street base work, brothel work or escorting depending on what suits their lifestyle The selection of video are aimed to help no matter which work style suits you best, these essential videos can help you get started in your profession.If you are thinking of working in a brothel or massage parlour, Kitty Korner takes you through the process in a decriminalised environment, once you have learnt the need to knows with Erika.

Should I be a sex worker

Erika B a Sex worker1

Doing sex work is a personal decision and a question that Erika gets asked a lot. As part of the process looking into sex work, Erika explains what you need to weigh up before this decision is made. Do a self interview, check your motivations. If afterwards you are still interested and wish proceed, Erika covers a few basics in getting started.

Key advice on sex work Sales and Marketing basics

Erick Marketing 1

When you start sex work, you  are starting a business. As you do with all businesses there is there is a lot of work and dedication involved. Erika shares some business basics including How to run your Business as a Business, Investing in Yourself, How to use Social Media, Building your Brand, Staying Updated and Relevant, diversifying, and increasing your client base.

Booking Basics: The must haves every sex worker needs

Erick Worker Basics 1

Every business needs certain items to conduct itself. Sex work is no different. Safe Sex is paramount, condoms and lots of lube should be used with every client but there is more that just those two items. Erika shares some basic items that are must haves for every sex worker and why.

Sex work and Children

Erick Kids 1

When you have children and do sex work it is important to create a stable home environment. Erika shares from her own personal experiences how to have a stable environment for your children and, as they grow up, positive ways to explain your chosen career.

Motivating and Mentoring

The sex work community is a global community. When we start we may get help or inspiration from a co-worker or from other worker’s online profiles or forums. While we live in a world where we are faced with stigma and misconceptions its important we help and teach each other to find our own voice or place. Not only does this improved someone else’s experience but also helps reduces hazardous scenarios for all of us as we teach others how to avoid unwanted situations.

Erika shares her thoughts and experiences on misconceptions, motivating and mentoring within the industry.

5 Misconceptions on Sex Work

Erick Misconceptions 1

Erika shares five misconceptions about the sex industry and those who are apart of it.


Motivate each other

Erick Motivating Others 1

Erika discuss how we all get help from somewhere and the importance of remembering to help each other and those who helped you.


Finding a mentor

Erick Mentors 1

The sex industry is a commission based sector as you are paid per job rather than by wages and you will share client with others in your area. Naturally, it can be competitive at times but having a mentor or someone to help and helping each other can change the whole experience and perception while working in the industry. Erika gives advice on finding a mentor and the difference it makes.

Seasoned workers do have a lot of knowledge that can help and protect the newer members of the sex worker community. By working together we can help combat stigma and create a better working environment for all.

Positive Communities

Creating positive communities is important within the industry. If you need a starting point to talk to other sex workers from all over the world try Reddit. Comments and replies are viewable by public. Also you can find sex worker communities on Twitter where you can connect with others from all over the globe.