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person-851209_640Scarlett Academy is a central resource hub and a gateway to accessing practical sex industry information on increasing the well being of sex workers. Though readily available, these can be hard to find if you don’t know where to start.

We support Amnesty International’s Policy for a holistic approach in working with individuals and organisations for the human rights of all sex workers. To minimise misconception and   increase understanding of working in the sex industry at a fundamental level.

The aims of Scarlett Academy include:

  • To strengthen the global community connection through shared resources
  • To create easier access to knowledge that supports safer work practices
  • To provide support and information for partners of sex worker, by partners
  • To increase the general public’s understanding and knowledge of sex work.
  • To remind people to smile. Its just another day at work.

Scarlett Academy is not static. It is not about us. It’s about you. Your thoughts. Your needs. What information would improve your understanding of the sex industry whether a sex worker, partner or public.

We also want your knowledge to help expand ours. Different countries have different situations, laws, societal constructs, relationships. Do not underestimate what you know, what you have, what you find. It may just may make the difference in improving individual lives to the industry as a whole.

Scarlett Academy was created by sex workers, with some help from supporters.

Drop and ocean

Please feel free to email us at, or through facebook to add to our knowledge base. It can be anonymous or credited to the source.

Our Team

We are a small mixed team of workers and public members, in and out of the sex industry. We are not only passionate about this industry but the people who are connected to it whether worker, partner, client or other.

The team is also organic, as the members of this team also include those who wish to contribute, big or small. We all have something to share, to give, to raise each other up. If you think you have something that can help or add to the resource base, then this team,  also includes you.


Talya DE Fay

Talya is the Founder of Scarlett Academy. Before joining the sex industry, Talya worked in the private and public sectors. She has enjoyed a career in events management, retail and customer service management, and sales and marketing. She is both analytical and dynamic.
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Talya has always be an avid reader, specialising in human nature, psychology and non traditional teachings .

Outside of work, Talya enjoys being around nature, the gym, reading, researching and watching supernatural and sci-fi movies.

Connect with me here




Ayush Signh

Ayush is of the industry and the web designer of Scarlett Academy. He’s a bit shy but will be sharing a little more about himself soon.


We have partners in Australia and the US to on call to help answer questions on relationships. We are looking to expand our partners support system to partners of all sexual orientations. Please send us an email at if you are able to help.


We have received support and help with this project from members of the public who are not in the sex industry but understand the importance of sex work and those who chose to be apart of this industry.

Our History

Rather than bore you with a class on the Academy’s history, we decided to give Talya some homework, in which you become the teacher. This is just for fun. She has submitted a creative writing assignment based on our history. There were no other rules. At the end, you can grade her homework as you see fit, then find out if she is passing or failing her class. You can find out how creative writing can be important for this job under Sexwork ABCs.

AN INFORMAL HISTORY.                                                                                                                                   A Creative writing Assignment By Talya De Fay

The night was dark and stormy. The wind and snow whistled and danced around her, as she pulled her cloak closer to her body. There was no time for rest. No time to pause. Her eye’s glowed an iridescent blue in the moonlight. She could see them in the distance, barely hearing them over the wind.

They called to her.

It was a sound that not only reached her ears but flowed down into her very soul. She could not resist, she had already tried, and so on she trudged into the darkness, as she carefully tread toward her fate. Friend or foe, it was unknown….

The year was 2015. December, I remember it well.  I sought articles from partners online to help a friend in need. But alas, the searching, week after week, was futile. I had found but a few pearls in the vast internet ocean. I knew I was but one. I needed help. So my travels took me to some pro sex worker organisations.

“Hark”, I said “Have you but articles that could help?”

With heavy hearts, they shook their heads.

“We too are on this quest. There is not much but come, share what we have”.

With weary feet, we sat and shared what pearls we had. Gladdened by the company, I got up to leave when I heard a soft voice.

”Stranger to these parts, with the adventures of this quest you shared, would you perhaps, write them down”.

I paused in my tracks. Did I hear right? A suggestion I write an article on this. I could feel my heart racing. I’d never thought about it. I surveyed the room closer this time. I could feel the energy swirling around me, pulsing, rising, waiting for my answer.

“Yes,” I barely whispered. “I will do it”.


A second lasted a lifetime as the universe let out a breath I didn’t know it was holding. Suddenly, things sped up as I stood still.

“You need to get online, leave that to me to set up”

“You have a meeting. Go right in”

Hmm, should I think about a websi… “Hi, I’m a web designer, let’s talk”.

“Excuse me, did you say date a sex worker, yes I’d love to share my story with you”.

“Me too”,

“And Me”.


The energy flowed around me quicker. My dark red locks played and swirled about my face. I hadn’t moved and yet I was moving. It was not planned and yet it was forming. It was inexplicable. It was worthy. It was Scarlett Academy.

Some experiences in life are planned; some are not. But the most life changing experiences are neither, for they have a heartbeat of their own.

Grade Talya's Writing Assignment

Est. 10 April 2016